Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And Here It Is.....SUPER BOWL!!!

So.  Yes.  The Patriots lost.  Ugh.  Major disappointment.  And I didn't get to molest my future baby daddy Rob Gronkowski.  Even bigger disappointment.  But there were tons of other fabulous things happening the last 3 weeks that kinda sorta not really made up for it.

As you all have probably heard me talk about- there were serious problems with Super Bowl last year in Dallas.  Well this year I was going to make it my mission to not have one issue with seating and tickets.  I literally walked every day for almost 2 and 1/2 weeks every single seat, row, and section in my stadium.  My body is STILL recovering from all of the climbing and walking.  I checked them , rechecked them, kicked a bunch of fuckers out of them and then rechecked them again.  And then I left the building for 11 days.

I headed over to the convention center to run the NFL Experience.  I have experience working that event since I've previously done 4 of them with my friends company while I was in college.  So I knew exactly what I was in for.

I have one of these pictures from every year I've been.  It's awesome.  I'm such a dork.

While NFLX was going on inside the center, Super Bowl Village was happening right outside the door.  The Village was a free fanfest that had tons of activites, concerts, bars and food places.  We went out on Friday night after work to catch LMFAO.  Totally awesome. There were about 35,000 people in the Village and I'm pretty sure every single one of them bumped into me.  I started throwing elbows.  I kid you not.

There were banners everywhere.  The city was all Super Bowl'd out.  It was crazy.  There was such a cool vibe from everyone.  One of the best shots that you all probably saw watching the game is below.

Then there's this one.

OMG this douchebag totally climbed those letters one night after consuming a little bit too much and fell through the top of it.  They had to call the fire department to cut him out of the bottom of it.  Should have left his drunk ass in there.

One thing Indy did was incorporate the Indy cars into the festivities.

All of the teams had a car and there was also one just for the Super Bowl.  The two teams playing and SB car were on display in the Village.

I tried to get out and take in the whole thing but I was really there to work.  UGH.  Seriously.  We broke the NFL's sales record of all time for the Experience and boy were we busy.  I think that I literally ran the building 150 times a day.  We had so many people in there it was crazy!!  Here is another shot from inside.  This was literally my view the entire time there- right outside of my office.  LOVED IT.

On Sunday I got to work around 9am and got out to check the seats again for the final time.  It took me a few hours but I literally made sure every single one of them was there.  Gates opened at 2pm but before that I was able to get some shots of the field.

Prior to walking in I also got some shots of the building.

Once the gates opened my nerves were through the roof.  I'm pretty confident in my work but I was seriously nervous that something was going to happen and it would come back on me.  The more people entered the building, the more nervous I got because I was expecting phone calls or people showing up saying their seat wasn't there.  But guess what?  I never got a SINGLE phone call or person at our windows!!!  I'm the fucking BOMB!  I was finally able to breath a sigh of relief.

We went out to watch halftime.  OMG.  It was wicked awesome.

I headed out of there after the end of the 3rd quarter to get home since I was DVRing the game and wanted to watch it the minute I got in the door.  I ran out of my office and headed to the elevator and literally ran right into the guy from LMFAO.  Like- literally.  A girl from Inside Edition just happened to be walking by and totally grabbed him for an interview as I was standing behind him.  It was crazy!

I got home and threw in a quesadilla (seriously I'm going to turn into a Mexican with all of the quesadilla's I ate of the last 3 weeks) and started the game.  What a wicked pissa that we lost.  Oh well.  There's always next year.

And some more pics just to make you a little bit more jealous.

Oh the one right above the shot of me is the zip line that they had in the Village.  Crazy.  Seriously crazy.

So all in all, it was an amazing few weeks.  This small little city was rocking.  We've gotten so much praise from all over the country from big wigs to ticket holders in the game to people who just flew in to be around it.  Everyone did a wonderful job and make this game a huge success.  I wouldn't be surprised if we get another SB in the next 10 years.  Mark my words.  SO proud of my city!!!

Now if I ever hear "Have a SUPER day!" one more time I'm going to physically fight whoever says it.

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