Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Girls Just Want To Have Fun...And A Massage...And Cheesecake

WAZZZZZZZZUPPPPPPPP??  Oh my god do you remember how annoying that was when it was popular?   Wait- was it ever popular?  Every guy in every bar would do that and stick their tongue out afterward?  And think they were super cool while doing it?  Ugh.  Shudder.  Shudder.  Anyway….

So I had a really fun weekend.  Friday night a group of us went to see Cirque du Soleil’s The Michael Jackson Immortal Tour.  Now first let me tell you that I am a HUGE Cirque fan and never was a huge Michael fan.   But all in all it was a pretty good show.  It was slightly disappointing since there wasn’t all of the “cirque” aspects like a normal show.  But the choreography and routines they did were pretty impressive.  I have to say that my favorite act was when they performed Smooth Criminal.  They did a fantastic job on that until the end where they ripped the white gangster suit off of that particular Michael to reveal some chick in a barely-there-bikini and 4 inch platform shoes.  Homegirl thought she was god’s gift, let me tell you.  She strutted her skanky ass all the way down the walkway in that glittery bikini until she got up to her…..pole…..that they inserted into the stage….so that she could work her magic.

There were two couples in front of us who I would say were in their late 50s.  I mean, one was seriously rocking the mom jeans, with a turtleneck and a grandma sweater.   Well the husbands thought they were hot shit and when stripper girl was strutting down the stage they were all standing up and hooting & hollering and screaming “That’s what I’m talking about!!”  It was kind of sad watching them cuz you look at the wives and know that they aren’t having that great of a sex life.  Poor things.  But anyway- Asian stripper chick was working that pole like she was white on rice…. No pun intended… I literally kept thinking that a boob was gonna fall out of her outfit the way that she was moving on it.   Or that she was going to dislocate her cooch the way that she was spreading her legs.  I mean don’t get me wrong.  I’m no prude or anything by any means.  But it really had no place being in the show.

On Sunday we joined some more friends up north and had massages.   This place again- is amazing.   Nuff said.   Then we headed to lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  And I’m sorry- whether you are training for a marathon or dieting- it is sacrilegious to NOT order a piece of cheesecake if you are there.   Or in the vicinity.   Can I just complain about this one thing though?   I’ve never understood how they have like 80 different pieces with all kinds of stuff in them but the only one that I eat- plain with fresh strawberries- is the most expensive on the menu.   IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.  There are no bells and whistles to it at all.   It’s the most boring one on the menu.   Anyway- so I got my piece to go and had that for dinner watching Snoozefest 2012 The Academy Awards.   It was delicious.  And I’m still paying for it.  But it was delicious.  

Monday we started our official training for the mini-marathon in May.  This is what our training plan looks like.  

Since Wendy and I have already been doing about 5-6 miles every time we go to the gym- the first couple of weeks will be pretty easy for us.  Don’t even talk to me when we get to the week where we have to complete 8 or more….ew….so not looking forward to that.  But I’m still having fun with it.  It’s nice having someone to run with and all of us girls are posting about it on Facebook and really being encouraging to each other.   And the best thing about the race is that I get to hang with one of my favorite people ever-  Miss Sarah!!!   I’m super excited about that!!   It’ll probably be a short trip for her since her school is still in session in Colorado and she’s all Vice Principal and shit….cuz she’s awesome….so she can’t be gone too long.  But it’ll be nice to spend time and get fucking hammered after the race and hang out!  The last time we got together was the last marathon we ran which was in Oct of 2010. TOO LONG!  

I worked a LOT over the last week on my master bathroom.  All of the painting is done.  Sweet.  Now it's time to put the mirror back on the wall that's been lying on my floor for over a week.  It's been awesome getting ready in the morning without having a mirror.  Hot mess, aisle one.  Then I've got some plans for the mirror.  I did find a light fixture on Saturday after going to two separate Lowe's, two separate Menard's and to one Home Depot....but I didn't get it.  Bad Kristi.  Argh.  So I'll probably head BACK OUT on Sunday to get it.  Fingers crossed I will have it all done by the end of this weekend.  Now I just need to find some unsuspecting boy to come over and help me put the mirror back up.  I actually tried myself but I knew for sure that I was going to drop or break it so I put it back on the floor.  Boo.  That fucker is heavy though.  Oh and the tile that I've had in my favorites for months now that I'm totally in LOVE LOVE LOVE with was featured on a DIY blog today.  I'll be sharing that too so you can see what I'm talking about.  Plus it'll show my dad what his next project is when he comes out.... Hi Dad!! I got something else at Home Depot last weekend that is for him too...Thanks Dad!!!......

Hope you all have a fabulous and productive week!  Just got done with my 3 miles and the great news is that from when I first started training to tonight, I've dropped 8 minutes from my 3 miles.  I'm pretty impressed with myself.  Yay me!

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