Monday, February 20, 2012

Master Bathroom Color Scheme

So I've been thinking a lot lately about my master bedroom color scheme and trying to find a duvet cover that I like that actually FITS my damn bed.  I found one a few months back that were the exact colors that I was looking for.  I loved it!!  I brought it home. And it didn't fit the damn bed.  Whomp whomp!  It was like 2 inches short in each side.  Boo.  Major pissa.

I still love the color scheme that was in that duvet cover but I'm extremely doubtful that I'm going to be able to find something with them again.  BUT- I'm OK with finding one of the colors and adding pieces and accessories in the other colors to make up the scheme.  I have one in mind that I'd like to sew but I'm definitely not experienced enough after one pillow to attempt that.  If you don't remember what I bought- here it is.

I'm really into the slate blue/orange combination.  Oh and since this is a terrible photo- I'll let you in on a website that I've been obsessing over.  It's called Design Seeds and Jessica (the genius behind the blog) finds a photo with an object and pulls out the colors within the object.  So yesterday as I was searching it I found the exact colors I was looking for.

{photo courtesy of Design Seeds}

Now remember my bed has a yellowish fabric in the headboard so I'd either need to make that work with the scheme or I'd need to re-fabric it.  And that, my friends, is not really in the books for me right now.  My walls are already very similar to the second from the bottom.  I like to call it Bailey's Irish Creme.  Oooooh Bailey's.  Delicious Bailey's.  Yum.  I need a drink.  And I have a LOT of brown with my furniture so the scheme above isn't exactly what I'd have in there but pretty damn close.

So since I'm lacking in the duvet finding department I've decided to go get some paint this weekend for my master bathroom.  I'm thinking a grayish blue kind of slate-ish almost like the top color.

I absolutely hate the tile in the bathroom and have plans to rip it out in the VERY near future.  It's basic 2 X 2 white ceramic tiles and they are fuuuuuuuugly.  I have a tile in mind but more on that in a different post.  Anyway- I'm thinking that the tile might not look so bad if I have a darker paint in there.  Who am I kidding? Crap is crap.  But fingers crossed.  I'm also thinking about making the mirror more custom but building a frame for it and then painting it the same color as the cabinet that I already painted shortly after I moved in.

I'll definitely keep you all posted with lots of pics if I do in fact get off my lazy ass this weekend and start on the room.  Sunday a bunch of us fabulous girls are going and getting massages and then heading to lunch so hopefully I'll be able to get a lot of it done on Saturday.

And just for your viewing pleasure here are some other color schemes that I love from Design Seeds

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!  Any plans to paint in your near future?

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