Sunday, March 4, 2012

The "Almost" Almost Finished Bathroom

Let's first start out with how we finished our first official week of training with 13 miles this week!  Super excited about that.  Although my shins aren't as happy as I am.  In fact, they are pretty pissed at me.  They'll get over it.  Looking forward to the next 9 weeks and running the race!

So first thing this morning and by first thing I mean noon I headed over to Home Depot to pick up the vanity lights for the 3 bathrooms.  $213 later......OUCH...... I headed back home to start installing them.  This is what I've been working with in my master bathroom.  

After I finished painting last weekend I just couldn't FATHOM putting that awful light back up.  But since I didn't find lights when we went to 57 home stores I didn't really have a choice.  It was literally hung with 1 screw and had exposed wires and I only bothered putting 4 of the 8 bulbs back in.  It was a sad week, let me tell you.  Oh and see that non-painted part of the wall?  That's Kristi being lazy.  It's going to be behind the why waste paint?  

First though, I pulled out my awesome miter saw.  Funny story about my miter saw.  And by funny story I mean I'm a fucking moron.  So a few weeks back I went to Lowe's to pick up some molding for my mirror.  While I was there I grabbed one of those cheapo plastic miter boxes for $15.98.  I was quite annoyed that I was paying $16 for that piece of crap but I figured it was an easy tool to use for the frame to get it done quickly.  Well while driving back to my house and stewing on that damn plastic tool, Miss Wendy just happened to call me.  So I had her check with her hubby to see if he had one.  Well he said that he had a miter saw that I could use.  But dumbass me was like, "But is it a box too?  I need the part to see the angles."  And so he was like, "This is the actual saw.  Like a real one, stupid."  He didn't really say that but that was my interpretation of my being stupid.  So he told me I could use that instead and I would just return the plastic tool thingy.  Sweet.  Well I was literally pulling into my driveway when it dawned on me.  DUH!  I had my OWN miter saw!  HAHA.  Totally forgot about my first legitimate power tool in my garage!  How much of a moron am I??  My dad bought it for me when he was here the last time to do all of the base molding in my kitchen.  So of course I had to call him and let him know his daughter's an idiot.  

Anyway- I pulled it out and started measuring the molding for the mirror.  My mirror is 4 ft. X 3 ft. so I picked up 2 10 ft. pieces to get the job done. 

Look at me and my fancy tool!!  So I got down to business and starting cutting away.  Man, I need to get me a table for the garage.  That tiny piece of plywood is getting some serious use.  

Yeah.  That's my poor mirror, sitting there on my floor all by its lonesome for the last couple of weeks.... (I figure I can guilt trip Jon into coming over to help me put it back up if I sound pathetic enough).  Ok so now that I had the cuts done I brought them back into the garage to paint them.  I have some leftover paint from the cabinets (it's called Black Bean) so I am going to paint the frame the same color.  

There they are...just sitting there...drying....waiting for the next coat.  Now on to the light.  

I turned off the power in the bathroom SAFETY FIRST and took down the crappy light.  Since that light originally had 4 screws holding it up I needed to spackle the holes that would be visible since the new fixture is much smaller.  

Once that was dried I sanded it down and repainted that part of the wall and let it dry.  Then I got to hanging the light.  After I read the directions.  Oh and P.S. it's a lot easier to do this stuff with TWO people.  Man, I need me a husband.  Like now.  Any takers?  Beuller?  Two hands just aren't enough especially when your standing on a ladder, holding a 20 lb light in one hand and trying to do everything else with the other.   I reconnected the wires to the new light and tightened it to the wall and turned the power back on in the garage.  Then gave my arms a rest.  

Here is what the lights look like from the box.  

And I apologize for the crappy after photos.  But it's a small room and I have a shitty camera.  

Isn't is pretty?  All sleek and chrome and shiny and gorgeous????  The other two will go in the hall bathroom and then downstairs powder room.  I'll probably get those done at some point this week.  Hopefully I'll have the master bathroom done by this weekend as well.  It'll be really nice to be able to see the before and after shots once everything is in there!  Can't wait!!!  And now it's time for laundry.  Ugh.    

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