Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Starting To Prettify My Outdoor Area

Today was my first of two days off of work.  Talk about AWESOME!  I finally got out the lawn mower and attempted to get rid of all the dandelions that have taken up residency in my awful looking yard.  But that didn't work too well for me.  So I headed over to Lowe's for some guidance.

They had the Scott's Turf Builder with Crabgrass Preventer and Turf Builder with Weed Control on special that if you bought both you got 20% off.  They were $53.94 and $49.97 each for the 15m bags.  So I picked them both up and saved myself $20+.  Hells to the yeah!  Then I headed over to the flower area and got myself some pretty hyacinths that were on sale for $4.98.  I grabbed two of the pink ones and two of the periwinkle ones.  Then I also grabbed a hanging flower pot with trailing petunias.

I had picked up a bracket last summer to get a hanging pot but never ended up getting one.  So the minute I got home I busted out the drill and got to hanging her up.  I decided on the outside of the back screened porch.  This is what it looked like before.

Then I hung the bracket.

Mad drill skills I've got going on here people.  Then I hung the potted flowers.

This area gets a full day worth of sunlight and the petunias are perfect for that.  I'm hoping it gets a lot fuller and starts to hang over the sides.  We'll see.

For the hyacinths- I already had 2 six inch ceramic pots from last summer that I picked up from Walmart.  I re-potted the two pink hyacinths into those.

I then headed over to get two more pots for the periwinkles ones.  I decided on the brown terracotta pots rather than the ceramic ones that they had.  Especially since they didn't have the same color or any decent colors for that matter.  The two pots came to about $11.  After I re-potted them I headed out to the screened porch to spring clean it.  This means I sucked up all the spiders that made their way in over the winter.  Gross.  But with it all clean and the new flowers out there- this is what she looks like now!

I love it!  And it smells so nice out there.  And it's so pretty!   Can't wait to crack open a beer and sit my ass out there tomorrow.  After I finish painting that is.

Did you do any yard work or spring cleaning recently?

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