Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Done!!!!! (For Now)

WHAT A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!  Oh my god it was so nice outside.  Today I had my doors open and the heat turned off and had my first grilled dinner of the summer!  And I didn't even have to grill it myself.  Sweet!

Yesterday started out with Miss Wendy giving me a call to get our running on. We had a 5 mile run yesterday which went surprisingly well given how my shins have been feeling the last week or so.  Luckily I think it's from climbing up and down on a ladder and leaning on it to install lights and framing that has been making them sore.  We will see since I should be done with the ladder for a while.  Can I get a hell yeah?

First thing Friday morning I started installing the molding onto the mirror and it went surprisingly well for not knowing what the heck I was doing.  I started out by just placing the pieces of the frame against the mirror and using painters tape to hold them up just to make sure that I could get it to line up.

Then I took one piece down, spread some mirror adhesive on it...

... placed it back up and re-taped it.  I held each piece down for a few minutes and then started on the next piece doing the same thing until all four sides were adhered to the mirror.  I also brought my tiny little level upstairs with me and after pressing each piece to the mirror, made sure it was level.

The directions said to let it sit for 48 hours to fully cure so that's what it's been doing for the last two days.  Even with the blue tape all around it holding it up I knew that I loved it!  I mean, look at it- how can you NOT love it?

Since I had 48 hours to kill, I headed over to Home Depot for a new light for the downstairs bathroom since the one that I bought that matched the other two lights didn't fit. Dammit.  I picked up one for $29.88 and returned the one for $59.97 so I got back roughly $30. Score!  I came home and turned off the power and got to installing it.  And you know how I can't just have something go right the first time, right?  Well.....

...there she is!  It's a chrome light with frosted white glass (they look gray in the picture but I assure you they are white).  And you can't really tell unless you zoom in on this picture that I strategically took, but there is about a 1 inch hole on the right side of the wall that is exposed.  Muther chucker!

So I will eventually have to take this light back down to put a piece of drywall there to cover it.  But for the time being we are all just going to pretend that it's perfect.  I also saw a mirror at Lowe's that I want to get for this room to get rid of this square one.  I thought of putting a frame around it like I just did in the master bathroom but it's above a dainty pedestal sink so it would be way too top heavy for such a small room.  

But speaking of putting the frame up, the minute I got all four pieces up I knew that I loved it and knew that I wanted to do it in the upstairs hall bathroom as well.  So after the trip to Home Depot I headed to Lowe's and got some more molding.  I immediately started cutting it when I got home, made sure that it fit and started painting it.  Here's what it looks like right now.

Oh and I had the same problem with the light in this room.  After I installed it, the hole in the wall is bigger than the mounting piece.  That just sounded way filthier than it should have.

Oh and see the size of the screw holes that I had to spackle from the original light?  Ridiculous.  I didn't bother painting behind the light for a couple of reasons.  First, I'm going to have to take the light down to put a piece of drywall there and I'll have to re-spackle and repaint that part anyway and second I'm going to repaint the bathroom a different color I think.  I'm still deciding. We'll see.

After I put this frame up today, I headed back to my master bathroom to finish up that frame.  I took down the painters tape and cleaned up the mirror from the finger prints.

Then I re-hung the wood boxes on the wall.  I need to find some cool pieces to go inside of them still.  I just put two white ceramic oil burners in there so you could see where I was going with this.

And here are some other shots...

I think I'm going to sleep in there tonight.  Seriously.  I love it.  I just need to pick up some accessories for it and have the vent fan installed and then it's D.O.N.E. done.  Sweet!!!  Well, I still need to caulk the corners of the frame and then paint them to match and then put a coat or two of poly on it to protect it from water stains or scratches.  But other than that it's done.   And here are a few before and after's of the room.

And there you have it.  Did you do any home improvement projects this weekend?  Or just sit around enjoying the nice gorgeous weather?

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