Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some Extras For The Bathroom

Are ya’ll sick of hearing about my bathroom yet?   I’m almost sick of talking about it, that’s for sure!!   One thing I did mention briefly before was that I found a tile that I like from The Tile Shop about 6 months ago when this bathroom makeover was just a figment of my imagination.   At that point, they had recently opened one up here in Indy on the east side so I was totally excited.  Plus they are a sponsor of one of the DIY blogs that I follow so I have a discount code for 10% off my order from there.   Which can certainly add up when you have a lot of square feet to replace.  So I saved the tile in my favorites and I occasionally click on the link to stare and oogle it and say, “How you doin?” in my Joey voice.   And I’m totally being serious.  I do this.  It’s kinda sad.  I really need to get laid.

Well Miss Wendy and I might head over to The Tile Shop this weekend because she is planning on tiling the wall behind her sinks in their bathroom and she found some tile on their website that she likes and wants to check it out.   The good news is that they’ve recently opened up another store that’s a little bit closer to us!  Hells yeah!   So I’m going to finally get to see my pretty tile in person very soon!  The sales person might want to leave us alone for a little while.   It will probably be uncomfortable if they have to witness what I might do to the tile.

Their website is kind of difficult to see the pattern on the tile since it’s white on white.   But the other day another blog that I follow actually got the same exact tile and is currently installing it in her shower.   It’s so funny since I’ve been following her forever and it’s kind of a random tile that you wouldn’t think many people would use but we are both planning on using it!  Well I plan on it at least until I see it.   Hopefully it’s as beautiful in person as it is from the photos.   And since she’s already installing it she has taken a ton of photos that show the design much better so here if what it looks like.

{photos courtesy of  House*Tweaking}

It's it gorgeous???  I love that it's big.  I believe it's almost 20 inches by 10 inches.  And it's sparkly.  And textured.  And pretty.  And sparkly.  And pretty.  

Also I mentioned a couple posts ago that I bought something for the bathroom that I need my daddy-o to install for me.  Since I’ve taken out a 4 foot light fixture with 8 bulbs in it and replaced it with a light that only has 3 bulbs.  And since I’ve painted my lighter tan walls to a dark blue.   And since my shower was originally intended to be a linen closet and doesn’t have a light anywhere near the vicinity of it.  And since I have no window to let in any amount of natural light.  Basically what I’m getting at is that my bathroom is in a constant state of mood lighting.  Roooooooaaaaaar!!!!!  So I went out in search of a ceiling vent with a light.   The current vent is much closer to the shower side of the room and will add some much needed additional lighting to that space.  Here's where my current vent fan is.  And see how plain and boring it is?  And see how tucked away in that shower behind that wall can be dark and gloomy? (don't mind the paint on the ceiling.  I haven't done any touch-ups yet!)

I bought this when I originally went out to 57 home stores a couple of weekends ago.   Literally.   And I never would have imagined that bathroom vents would be so EXPENSIVE.   Seriously?   The crappy ugly plain generic ones are like $60 plus.  Never mind the decorative ones.   Oh. My. God.  Well into the $120 range.   I had gift cards from Xmas that I hadn’t used yet but I would still end up paying a good $70 for it after those.   Crazy.  Well I noticed one that was very simple and since I didn’t have the light fixtures picked out yet it looked like it would go with pretty much anything.   And it was on sale for $79!   And it was sold out!   Of course.   But I really really wanted it!

I hunted down the nearest plumbing guy and asked if he could call around to the other stores to find out if they had any to which he obliged.   Show a little cleavage and give a little smile and poof- men can be very helpful!   After calling the 3rd store he was told that they had 2 left so they put one on hold for me!   Sweet!!   We headed over to that Lowe’s and there it was sitting on the desk with my name on it just waiting for me to take it home!  Here's a shot of it hanging in the store.  

Needless to say- it involves way more electrical work than I think I can handle.   Plus I’d have to get into my dark and tiny attic crawl space with the power off to swap out what is currently there and replace with the new one.  And I’m not a fan of hiding out in dark tiny attic crawl spaces.   So project number one on the list for the next time my dad comes out is the vent fan.  The good news is that he already knows about the project- no sneak attacks here- and he didn’t gripe about it too much.  Plus he knows I’ll make him a carrot cake for all of his trouble.  So it’s win-win for both of us.  Well let’s be honest, it’s more win-win for me since I get the new light, a piece of cake, and don’t have to do any of the dirty work.   Sorry pops.   You got the short end of the stick on this one.  

I've got tomorrow off of work- fuck yeah!- so I'm hoping to get the frame for the mirror up and a few other projects done around the house.  We'll see.  Maybe I'll just sleep all day.  I'm kidding.  Or am I?

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